modalitiesAlta Dog Rehab believes in the use of modalities as needed to assist in decreasing pain and swelling and facilitate muscle re-education. We have found modalities to be helpful in treating both acute and chronic conditions. Your dog will not feel any discomfort with the use of modalities.

Cold Laser Therapy– Alta Dog Rehab has a cold laser available. Cold laser also known as low level laser therapy (LLLT) assist tissue healing at the cellular level. We may utilize laser therapy as part of your dogs treatment to help with pain reduction, promote tissue and/or wound healing, increase circulation and decrease edema.

Electrical Stimulation – Alta Dog Rehab has a variety of electric waveforms available. We use small electrodes over your dogs skin in order to deliver the electric pulse that is most effective in treating your dogs injury. The most common waveform utilized for pain and swelling is Interferential Current (IFC). The most common waveform utilized for muscle re-education following a neurological or orthopedic injury is Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES).

Therapeutic Ultrasound – Alta Dog Rehab has therapeutic ultrasound available to help treat pain associated with chronic conditions. Therapeutic ultrasound transforms sound waves to thermal energy (deep heat) to muscles, tendons and/or ligaments which increases blood flow to a specific area.