FAQ/What is Rehab?


What is canine rehabilitation?
Canine rehabilitation combines the therapeutic exercise in and out of  water, hands on techniques and the use of modalities such as laser, electrical stimulation and ultrasound to assist your dog in pain reduction, tissue healing, strengthening and improving overall functional mobility.

What are Modalities?
Modalities are any thing applied to produce therapeutic changes to biologic tissues, these include thermal, acoustic, light, mechanical, or electric energy. Types of modalities we have available at Alta Dog are low level laser (cold laser/light therapy), therapeutic ultrasound, electrical stimulation including: interferential current, neuro muscular re-education, biphasic, TENZ.

Is my dog a candidate for canine rehabilitation?
Whether your dog is suffering from an injury from an athletic event, arthritis, unspecified lameness, recovering from surgery or a neurological condition or needs to loose weight canine rehabilitation can be a great benefit.

Will I receive instruction on how to continue treatment at home?
Alta Dog feels very strongly about teaching you a home exercise program. The home program is individualized to your dogs needs and your circumstances. Alta Dog provides both verbal and written instruction. At Alta Dog we believe the as the key to success for returning your dog to their highest functional potential is a combination of therapy in the clinic and at home.

What do I need to do to set up an appointment?
Alta Dog must receive a referral from your veterinarian in order to evaluate and treat your dog. Your veterinarian can write a referral for rehabilitation to bring on your first visit or you can ask them to call Alta Dog at 385-226-5971 to provide a verbal referral. Your veterinarian should provide your dogs medical history and/or any precautions or medical concerns they may have regarding participation in rehabilitation. Alta Dog is happy to contact your veterinarian for the referral information prior to the initial evaluation.

How long does a typical therapy session last?
Evaluation and first treatment typically lasts 75-90 minutes. Treatments typically last 45-60 minutes.

Am I allowed to be with my dog during treatment?
YES! We encourage you to stay especially during the initial evaluation and first treatment. We will be discussing your dogs medical and functional history with you throughout the evaluation. We will be providing hands on instruction so that you will feel comfortable with the home program we establish for you and your dog. If together, we determine that your dog is more anxious when you are present we may have you wait in another room while we finish the exam and/or treatment. As you and your dog become comfortable at Alta Dog we do offer free drop off service for up to 4 hours. We will complete your dogs treatment while you are at work or running errands. After your dogs treatment they will rest comfortably in one of Alta Dog’s bedrooms!

What forms of payment does Alta Dog accept?
We are happy to accept cash or check, but can not accept credit card payments at this time.

Does Alta Dog Treat Cats?
Yes! We need a referral from your veterinarian.